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Don't Wait: Now's the Time for Africa

With Ebola fears subsiding, there’s never been a better—or more important—time to visit Africa. G Adventures’ Daniel Sendecki explores how tourism and travellers can play a role in Africa’s recovery. Would you postpone a polar bear viewing trip to Churchill, Manitoba if there were a flu outbreak in Miami, Florida? Probably not. Most wouldn’t give […]

Tiny LEGO® Traveller Takes on the Inca Trail

From couch cushions to Cusco, follow the ‘yellow brick’ road as this tiny traveller takes on the Inca Trail! Next stop? Machu Picchu! Hailing from Australia, G Adventures traveller Cassie has shared her travels through Peru from a perspective rarely seen — just a few centimetres from the ground! Her quirky Instagram feed follows the […]

Kissing across cultures.

Pucker up as we span the globe in pursuit of everything there is to know about everyone’s favourite social gesture—the kiss. Snogging, smooching, necking—whatever you call it, it seems just about everyone’s doing it. Or are they? The answer might surprise you. Kissing isn’t universally accepted and, even today, there are some cultures that have […]

Punks on Hope.

Yangon calling! In Burma, the punk scene isn’t just an affectation for disaffected youth, it’s a rallying cry that has helped to provoke sweeping reforms that are changing the political landscape. Hey, ho. Let’s go. Kurt Cobain believed that punk, at its most elemental, was “musical freedom.” “It’s saying, doing, and playing what you want,” […]