Tiny LEGO® Traveller Takes on the Inca Trail

From couch cushions to Cusco, follow the ‘yellow brick’ road as this tiny traveller takes on the Inca Trail! Next stop? Machu Picchu!

Hailing from Australia, G Adventures traveller Cassie has shared her travels through Peru from a perspective rarely seen — just a few centimetres from the ground!

Her quirky Instagram feed follows the fantasy life of Forgotten LEGO® man, a small plastic figurine who’s travelled the world in the company of Cassie, and is now taking on the Inca Trail! “Peru has so much to offer for every type of traveller,” writes Cassie, “I’m hoping my lighthearted take on the country will encourage others to see it for themselves.”

This is an excerpt from “Tiny LEGO® Traveller Takes on the Inca Trail” first published on the G Adventures Blog on October 27, 2015 and available here.


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About Daniel Sendecki

Manager of Content and Social Media Marketing at G Adventures. Affable rogue & gadabout in the employ of a very unusual travel company. Erstwhile teacher. Husband to Katie. Father to Ellis Sofia. Superb at parallel parking.