Don’t Wait: Now’s the Time for Africa

With Ebola fears subsiding, there’s never been a better—or more important—time to visit Africa. G Adventures’ Daniel Sendecki explores how tourism and travellers can play a role in Africa’s recovery.

Would you postpone a polar bear viewing trip to Churchill, Manitoba if there were a flu outbreak in Miami, Florida? Probably not.

Most wouldn’t give it a second thought. But that’s what happened to much of Africa’s tourism industry in the latter half of 2014, when a frenzy of alarming headlines featuring Ebola dominated the news cycle.

As a result, widespread fears over the disease (confined overwhelmingly to West Africa’s Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea) led to a sharp drop in travel to other parts of the continent, like Tanzania and South Africa. Even in light of the fact that London, Paris, and Madrid were closer to the Ebola outbreak than many destinations in Africa—including Nairobi, Arusha, and Cape Town.

This is an excerpt from “Don’t Wait: Now’s the Time for Africa” first published on the G Adventures Blog on February 4, 2015 and available here.


One thought on “Don’t Wait: Now’s the Time for Africa

  1. Hi I can’t agree with you more. After living in US for 6 years I went back to India. I am originally from Chennai which is in south india and having grown up there and being in US, I never was exposed to this side of India.nBut after working in Delhi for a year, I am fed up.nMy fiancee with whom I broke up just recently was a bengali and my god she was racist! Chinky was a usual term for her and other culture’s food stinks.. etc. I gave her a piece of my mind everytime. Come on

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