Aesop Story Engine is a free plugin that adds amazing components to the WordPress platform. Aesop’s thirteen unique components allows writers to not only write articles and stories, but craft the experience for their readers. With Aesop’s tools, creating immersive reading experiences is possible by adding video, images, maps, galleries, chapters, groups, audio, and more. […]


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Although film cameras have been largely replaced by digital cameras, some purists still prefer the look and feel of film equipment over digital. If you are one of these individuals, you need to know how to use your 35mm camera. The basic setup and use is the same as a digital camera, however you must […]


Making a professional video can be a lengthy process requiring creativity, patience and possibly a bit of a budget. While many amateurs think of the production stage as the longest part, pre- production planning and editing in post-production are equally important steps that should be well thought out and executed with decisiveness. These stages are […]


Candid or posed, the most awesome pictures of your children are the ones that allow their unique little personalities to shine. Photographer Ansel Adams once observed that “you don’t take a photograph, you make it.” Whether it’s a combination of location, props, good spirits or cameras, the most expressive images of loved ones have one […]

New York Times Square

Times Square is an area in New York City that includes the blocks between Sixth and Eighth Avenue and between West 40th and West 53rd Street. Because images of Times Square have been features in movies, TV shows, consumer ads, and even video games, it is currently one of the most recognizable areas in New […]


Despite outsourcing, technology-related positions such as information technology, engineering and biotech are expected to rebound within the next decade, according to NPR. On the other hand, the technology sector job growth for 2010 doesn’t look as good. The tech-savvy candidate may need to work extra hard to find that new job in the early years […]